Smash Through Your Exercise Goals with Small Group Fitness Classes in Grand Rapids, MI

Push Past Your Limits in a Group Setting

Looking for a gym where you can stay motivated by peers while learning proper lifting form? The Loading Dock, located in Grand Rapids, MI focuses on small group training. Our class size caps out at six people to create a tight community while providing highly-focused coaching. You'll learn how to safely perform all the main barbell movements and build relationships while doing it.

Ready to challenge yourself in a high-intensity environment? Call 734-680-5117 now to enroll in a small group fitness class.

The three components of a small group training session at The Loading Dock

Consistency is a vital part of any training regimen. That's why all of our small group fitness classes include these three parts:

  • Warmup: Increase your heart rate and do targeted stretching to prepare for your high-intensity workout
  • Strength: Home-in on a specific barbell movement and pair it with a complementary exercise
  • Conditioning: Combine weight training and cardio to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance

Our coaches will pay close attention to you to make sure you get the most from your class without hurting yourself. Get your sweat on today when you join us for a small group training session.