Meet Our Coaches

Ryan Stasiak | Head Coach

I started starting resistance training when I was 13 and I was always a very active kid. Played soccer basketball, football in middle school. I encountered plenty of injuries from age 12-20 years old which made me dive deep into exercise and how to do it properly without getting hurt. Being injury free and increasing performance were/are two big priorities for me.

I wanted to play division 1 football from a young age and I realized that the weight room would be a place to maximize my athletic potential. So I put my head down and worked hard.

In college I found myself in the weight room once again as an intern for Miami University of Ohio and coaching at a functional fitness gym for about 2 years. This interest led me to getting an internship at the University of Michigan, graduating with a Bachelors of Kinesiology, obtaining my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and working in the private sector in Cinncinnati, Ohio before moving out to Grand Rapids Michigan to be the Head Coach of the Loading Dock Gym.

I am passionate about moving well and moving often. I personally love to ride my bike to work, I love the clean and jerk, enjoying a good cup of joe from a local Grand Rapids coffee shop, and I love helping people get stronger to live their life how they want to live to.

Peyton George | Group Class Coach

I have been a member since June 2021, I have seen so much growth in myself and other members of this community. Along with a Group Fitness Certification from ACE, I am working on my Certification for Personal Training through NASM. I started group fitness training for a local Grand Rapids gym in 2020 but I am ready to grow in my knowledge to be the best coach for our members.

The reason why I coach is to build relationships with people who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Coaching creates the concept that people have someone in their corner who will be there and work through frustrations and celebrate successes.

Outside of the gym I value quality time with friends, learning new recipes, a good book, and enjoying the outdoors in all seasons. I also value hard work and the gym is one of the best places to show that to yourself and I love seeing people do that for themselves.

Jalen Schoenborn | Personal Trainer & Group Class Coach

Jalen is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer who found her passion for fitness and competition while playing youth soccer. She earned her BS in Health Administration while playing collegiate soccer at Davenport University. Jalen's experience includes coaching both individual and small groups as well as sport team strength and conditioning training. Her goal is to make fitness approachable and accessible; she loves working with clients new to the gym. She is devoted to creating a fun and safe environment that encourages clients to transform into their best selves.

BJ Clark | Run Coach

BJ is a RRCA certified coach and lifelong runner. He has a passion for helping others developing a running practice and reaching their goals, bringing experience from training for races varying from the track to marathon. BJ believes in both tailored running programs based on data-driven decisions, but also teaching a runner to listen to their body.

Zach Skogheim | Owner & Vibe Manager

Zach has been both a collegiate and high school athlete, really finding a passion for weight lifting in college. After running track, he started a running apparel brand, which got him involved in the business of fitness and fell in love with it. A few years later, decided to apply all of his experience in fitness apparel into opening a gym. Zach is the founder of The Loading Dock and also manages the business. Outside of the gym, you can find him playing pickle ball or making long boards in his wood shop. If he's not there, check the beach.